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The Last Call

D.J. Bristow (1995)

 Am   F    G    Em     F   Dm   E  (Intro)

C                       G                          F                 C
The last VIA train is pullin' out of the station,
                                 G                  Am   F
Ridin' down the rails of a troubled nation,
                 C                                 G                  F                C
It's your chance to be a hero it's your turn to be brave,
                                                             G                Am    F       C
You've got the dreams of a people and a country to save.

- Chorus -

Am                                                              F
C'est le dernier appel, it's the last call
                   G                              Em
Come on Canada, don't stumble and fall
There's a choice to be made,
        Dm                         E
And you could have it all..

It's time to raise your voices now from sea to sea,
Come on and sing with your friends it's up to you and me,
You've got to tell your story write your own history,
The true north strong and free, is the place I wanna be,

- Chorus -

Mon pays ce n'est pas un pays c'est les deux,
Mais j'espere que tu donne de l'amore plus q'un peux
C'est le temps pour tout personne les jeune et les vieux,
De chanter 'Oh Canada' tous ensemble pour le mieux.

- Chorus -
- Musical Verse -
- Chorus -

In the summer of '67 we were alive,
With centennial fever and the will to survive,
That spirit's still in our hearts it's up to us to revive,
And with one Canada we'll see the future arrive.

- Chorus -  

Train Picture